title changes / ceased titles

U.C. Davis Law Review ( – v.39 2006) became, UC Davis Law Review (v.40 2006- )
North Carolina Central Law Journal (v.1 1970 – v.29 2007) became, North Carolina Central Law Review (v.30 2007- )
Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal (v.1 (1966) – v.42 (2008)) became, Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal (v.43 (2008)- )
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Employment Law (v.10 2007-2008) became, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (v.11 2008- )
Election Law Journal (v.1 2002 – v.7 2008) became, Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy (v.8 2009 -)
Nexus: a Journal of Opinion (v.1 1996 – v.13 2007-2008) became, Nexus: Chapman’s Journal of Law and Public Policy (v.14 2008-2009 – )
Tennessee Journal of Practice and Procedure
United States-Mexico Law Journal ( – v.13 2005)

new / changed titles

New Titles:
International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry (2007-) (Switzerland)
International Journal of Intellectual Property Management (2006-) (Switzerland)
International Journal of Private Law (2008-) (Switzerland)
Title Change:
Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal (v.1 (1966) – v.42 (2008)) became, Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal (v.43 (2008)- )

new / changed titles

New Titles:
Journal of Eurasian Law (2008- )
Journal of East Asia and International Law (2008-)
Open Law Journal (2008-)[online]
Pretoria Student Law Review (2007-)
Malawi Law Journal (2007-)
Journal of Media Law & Ethics (2008-)
Aegean Review of the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law (2008-)
Environmental Justice (2008-)
International Journal of Corporate Governance (2008-)
Changed Title:
Journal of Law and Information Science (v.1 1981 – v.15 2004) became Journal of Law, Information and Science (v.16 2005 – )

Title Changes

Brandeis Law Journal ( -v45 2006/7), is now, University of Louisville Law Review (v46 2007/8 – )
Tilburg Foreign Law Review (v1 1991 – v13 1997), is now, Tilburg Law Review: Journal of International and Comparative Law (v 14 2008- )
Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal (v1 1985 – v22 2007), is now, Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society
European Environmental Law Review (v1 1992 – v16 2007), is now, European Energy and Environmental Law Journal (v17 2008- )
Journal of Juvenile Law (v1 1977 – v28 2007), is now, University of La Verne Law Review (v29 2007- )
Managerial Law (v1 1966 – v49 2007), is now, International Journal of Law and Management (v50 2008- )
Journal of Law and Social Change (v6 2002 – v10 2007), is now, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change (v11 2007-2008 – )
Gaming Law Review (1997 – v12#1 2008), is now, Gaming Law Review and Economics (v12#2 2008 – )
DePaul-LCA Journal of Art and Entertainment Law ( – v17 2006/7), is now, DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law (v18 2007- )
International Journal of the Sociology of Law ( – v35 2007), is now, International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice (v36 2008- )


A couple of years back I experimented with an immediacy index on the http://lawlib.wlu.edu/LJ page but decided to abandon it as the effort to create it didn’t seem worth what I thought would be minimal usage. Since the methodology change in January 2008 now requires annual citation data to find the median impact-factor, the existence of such data is usable to automatically create an immediacy index. I still think it will be little used, but as it takes no effort to create it I’ve added it to the page, but renamed it “currency-factor”.
Currency-factor aims to compare journals on how rapidly their articles become cited. It examines a three-year interval looking at how much the items published by a journal and dated during that same period are cited by articles made available during those same three years.
Taking the example of the 2000-2007 survey period; currency-factor is the number of articles added to Westlaw’s JLR database in the three-year period of 2000-2002 that cite to volumes of a journal dated during those same three years, divided by the number of items published by the journal during those same years. It would have been desirable to create this index from the final three years of the survey period, but the data on which it’s based, being automatically created from annual data collected to calculate impact-factor, is in a form requiring the use of the first three years of each survey period.

Law Journal Rankings 2000-2007

The law journal ranking page has been updated for the survey period
2000-2007, see http://lawlib.wlu.edu/LJ
Significant changes to the methodology occurred this year:
Instead of using Westlaw searches like VOL +1 JNL +6 YEAR searches were
changed to VOL +1 JNL /8 YEAR.
The final cut-off date for searches changed from October 31 to December
The Impact-factor calculation changed from a simple method of dividing
total cites over 8 years by items published in those 8 years, to a more
complex method of reporting the median value of the annual
impact-factors. The annual impact-factors being calculated by dividing
the cites received by a journal in each individual year of the survey
period by the items published by the journal in that same year and all
other years back to the beginning of the survey period.
The weight given to impact-factor vs. total cites in the combined score
ranking was reduced from 0.57 to 0.34
More information on these decisions is at

new/changed titles

Jersey Law Review (vol 1-10, 1997-2006) changed to, Jersey and Guernsey Law Review (vol 11, 2007- )
Australian Journal of Legal History (v1(1995)-v9(2005)) changed to, Legal History (v10(2006)- )
University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law ( – v28 no.2 (2007)) changed to, University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law (v29 no.1 (2007)-)

Advance: The Journal of the ACS Issue Groups (2007-)
American College of Construction Lawyers Journal (2007-)
Connecticut Law Review CONNtemplations (2007)[online]
Harvard International Law Journal Online (2007-)[online]
Law and Financial Markets Review (2007-) (United Kingdom)
Law and Humanities (2007-) (United Kingdom)
Legisprudence (2007-) (United Kingdom)
Southern California Law Review Postscript (2007-)[online]
University of St. Thomas Journal of Law & Public Policy (2007-)
U.S.-Mexico Legal Review (2007-)

Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy (2006-) (Taiwan)
International Journal of Nuclear Law (2006-)
Liberty University Law Review (2006-)
Michigan Law Review First Impressions (2006-)[online]
Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy (2006-)[online]
Swedish Studies in European Law (2006-) (United Kingdom)
University of Pennsylvania Law Review PENNumbra (2006-)[online]
Yearbook of Cultural Property Law (2006-)

Spreadsheet out from law journals list

There is now a spreadsheet output function at the law journals listing at http://lawlib.wlu.edu/LJ
You’ll see a “create spreadsheet” box, check that, set your other
journal, ranking, submissions preferences, and then click Submit. It
will display the usual webpage results, along with a clickable link to a
spreadsheet version.
You could use this for submission purposes to create a mail-merge
listing of journal addresses, or you could do statistical manipulations
of the rankings.